Who designs the system configuration?

As a scalable solution a range of options are generally possible. You should discuss these with your developer or installer and ensure you get the system designed to meet requirement.

At what points are cable installed?

As a built in solution, these are installed during the early electrical fit out on new home or buildings. In existing properties cable installation could be part of a major renovation.

Who completes the installation?

AV Synchronization Technologies approved installers complete the installation and provide local pre and post installation support, including commissioning the system and customer training where necessary.

Can I use my existing audio and video equipment?

Some source equipment are designed as a plug and play system which is compatible with almost any piece of equipment with a remote control. So, that will be determined by individual customers request and also system design complexity.

How many pieces of equipment can be connected?

Multi source system allows for several sources to be connected depending on system types unlike a single source system with one centrally located piece of equipment and local inputs in individual rooms.

Can I control my equipment in any room as I listen to it?

The systems is capable of allowing control of your remote audiovisual sources in any room of the house for virtually any brand by simply pointing the remote to IR link via the in-wall keypads or wireless in some complex design.

To what extend can you provide audiovisual solutions?

AV Synchronization Technologies is a built in solution; installation is completed as part of the build process by trained professionals, able to interpret and meet your specific needs. As a solution provider, we design and install system with no trailing wires or unsightly boxes, just a stylish built in solution to a room of your choice with flexibility of control. And you will enjoy the benefits of the sound intrusiveness system ever devised.